If you want to go... We can sail there...


Welcome to Puerto Rico!

Our travel plans are coming together! We found and visited our new marina home at 

Marina Pescaderia, Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo, PR. 

All three of our boats will be in slips, in a gated marina, (with wifi, a beautiful bath house, and laundry) when we aren't "adventuring"! 

We will soon start accepting reservations for June 2020 to 

sail, surf, fish, snorkel, lobster, hike, cave, explore, 

and zip-line your way to an 

AMAZING Caribbean-American vacation in our own Puerto Rico! 

With daily flights to and from the U.S. mainland on Spirit Airlines, Jet Blue and others, you can join us aboard 

Utopia, Majestic, or YellowBird for a vacation "tailored" to your personal interests and dreams!

Subscribe to our You Tube Channel "Sail to Utopia!" and follow us for vlog updates as we travel from 

Marathon, in the Florida Keys  to Puerto Rico! 

 Utopia & Majestic

Our "mother ship" is a 1982 Morgan 416 41' Out Island "Owners edition" cruising yacht. Majestic is the 1975 415 predecessor, used initially by the Annapolis Naval training center. The Morgan Out Island sailboats were designed by Charlie Morgan and built near my hometown, Clearwater, Florida. Lovingly called "Fat bottom girls" they are extremely stable sailing vessels designed for the Caribbean Sea. They are 41.6' long, 13.8' wide, with a draft of 4'2. These dimensions and the modified full keel make them supremely suited for cruising in the Caribbean, which includes the waters around our Florida Keys. We are cutter ketch rigged, which increases our sail area for a great stable ride. 

Below decks, our V-berth, at the bow, comfortably sleeps 2 tall adults. The forward head is complete with a fresh water shower. The dinette is adjustable to sleep another 2 tall adults, and the settee sleeps 1. (Your crew lives in the aft cabin.) Our galley has both propane and electric cooking appliances, and an outdoor grill. We have a large Adler Barbour and Engle cooled refrigeration systems. 

We added a CruiseRO reverse osmosis 30 gph watermaker-so we never run out of fresh delicious water, solar panels and wind generator sufficient to keep our 400 amp lithium batteries always topped up so you can charge your personal electronics via our wired-in USB outlets, or plugged into our large capacity power inverter.

Not shown in this stock diagram is hard-top bimini over the cockpit and a dive ladder with a platform at the stern.


Our most recent addition to the Sail to Utopia fleet is YellowBird! She is a 1964 ChrisCraft Sail Yacht #78/80 and the first fiberglass boat and first sailboat built by the famous ChrisCraft Brothers! I originally acquired her in 2009, and she has been re-fit from stem to stern. She boasts a Mercedes 220D marinized engine, new sails, and many other modern updates. Her sailing attitude intact, she rolls thru the waves like the lady she is!

Capt. Bob, my Dad, started my sailing dreams as a very young person. The older I get the smarter he gets, and the more I recall "pearls of sailing wisdom"! The Caribbean is vast systems of islands to explore, and Islander's to enjoy. My favorite reef is Looe Key, indicated on the chart above. As shallow as 5' and extending to very deep water. We prefer to only accommodate snorkeling. The prettiest things to see are in less than 30 feet of water, the light fades and colors dull at greater depths.

A day sailing brings untold joy and relaxation. Snorkeling is an activity that can be as easy or as challenging as you choose to make it. Personal floatation vests are available. We can supply you with appropriately fitted masks, snorkels, and fins, or you may bring along your personal equipment if you choose. Jay and I have years of experience in the water and are happy to guide you through learning to snorkel, so you are comfortable in the water. Please use our contact page us with any questions!

Pictured is Sombrero Reef light, one of 20 "skeletal" lighthouses erected by our Federal government prior to the Civil War as an aid to keep mariners from wrecking on the chain of reefs from Miami to Key West. Only 10 remain. Our water in the Florida Keys is as clear as any in the Bahamas or other tropical countries. Bahia Honda State Park is home to the remnants of the Flagler railroad that ran from the mainland to Key West in the early 1900's. 

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary supports a mooring buoy system to help boaters enjoy visiting the reef without destroying the corals by anchoring. From the Upper to Lower Keys there are 490 moorings spread over the 25 marked reefs. Reef-building corals grow in long rows with sandy tunnels between.


Your Dreams can become Your Memories!

Our dreams brought Jay and I separately to The Florida Keys. We met by chance... One mooring ball apart! 

The rest has been a blessing!

We have been based in the heart of the Florida Keys, Marathon, Florida! 

We believe this is an ideal location from which to embark on your aquatic dreams... 

Whether you are interested in short sails out to to one of many keys reefs, and snorkeling then

a return near land to anchor for the night or

a few days on the water island hopping to experience Florida Bay anchorages... 

We can design a sailing adventure to make your dreams come true! 

Wind and weather permitting we are a day sail away from Key Largo or Key West! 

Bimini, Cuba, and the Marquesas Keys are just a little further in different directions, of course!

Want a longer trip? Just ask us!

 Our "Mother ship" is S/V Utopia a re-fit 1982 Morgan 416 "Owners edition" Cutter/Ketch. 

S/V Majestic (recently aquired and being re-fit) is a 1975 vessel that is Ketch rigged. 

She was used originally by the US Naval training center in Annapolis. 

Both are  41'6 bow to stern, 13'8 side-to-side, and need only 4'2 depth of water to get you there!

Charlie Morgan designed and built his boats for longevity! 

We recently added S/V YellowBird our fleet! She is a 1964 ChrisCraft Sail Yacht, a 35' sloop designed by Sparkman & Stephens!

Her classic design, sweet lines, and eagerness to go will win your heart! The large center cockpit and simplified systems make her a dream

Our private charters can accommodate six (6) passengers per boat for day-tripping, 

or for overnights, she has two (2) double berths and one single berth for guests. 

The forward cabin has a full head, with private shower, or we have "solar" showers on deck!

Our galley has a large icebox and a separate freezer. Our menu choices include healthy food choices, cooking is augmented by an aft rail Magma grill. 

Meals are created from Organic fresh (or dehydrated as necessary), Gluten Free ingredients. 

Vegan, vegetarian, or allergies are happily accommodated.

We have a reverse osmosis water maker and a "power plan" with more than enough Amps to re-charge your electronic devices. 

The fun we have is ongoing, mostly un-planned, and just seems to happen "along the way"! Life is about the journey...not the destination!

But no matter what the day brings, our sunsets in the keys rarely disappoint!

Healthy Meals & Snacks

Non-GMO! Gluten-free? Vegan? Omnivore? Paleo? Keto?Carnivore?

We eat a healthy, organic, GF diet we call "Flexitarian"! When you book your dream adventure we will have a set of menu options that you choose before we depart! This is your dream trip after all.

When you decide to book we will email you a diet survey. When we are cruising in remote areas we can't "run to the store" as we may do at home. To ensure you have a successful vacation, we want to be prepared!

Pet friendly

We travel with a small, "uber" friendly service dog. Jack is neutered, and always "up-to-date" medically for foreign travel. 

If you travel with a pet you that has a Veterinary travel certification, and you are able to lift your pet the 4.5' height to the top cabin step, contact us about bringing your pet along.

Jack is "astroturf" trained, and can teach your dog to relieve itself while cruising! 

If you travel with other potentially "boat-friendly" animals, please contact us in advance!

No Crocodiles, Please!!!


If you both love the sea, there isn't a more special romantic place to share your forever moment than on the water. Capt. Terry is an ordained Non-denominational minister, as well as a Florida Notary. (So we have multiple legal ways to complete your marriage license!) We are happy to sail with as many as 6 passengers for your nuptials. Whatever dreams you have for your moment... contact us and we will do our best to make your dreams come true!

Disbursement of Ashes

The circle of life is the only guarantee we get in this world... If your deceased loved one shared our love of the sea, we would be honored to assisting in placing their Cremeans in the sea. Please contact us about available options...

Our Services

Browse our services below

Destination Adventure Travel

As cruisers for many years, we have the knowledge, skills, and experiential backgrounds to sail you to the destination of your dreams! Your availability is our only time constraint! 

Don't have a destination in mind? We can discuss trip options that will fit your needs! 

Some cruisers spend all their time exploring the wonders of the Florida Keys! Check us out on Google Earth! We love exploring the Atlantic reefs and the back bays of Florida Bay. We can stay off the grid indefinitely, or change gears drop anchor near shore and dinghy in to enjoy the awesome music scene we have up and down the Keys!

Our home base is Marathon in the Florida Keys. We have the total flexibility to meet you at an alternate nearby location. 


Experienced? Novice? We have been in, under, and on the water for a lifetime. If learning to snorkel is your dream, we can make that happen! Teaching you to snorkel is about your desire to explore the world beneath the sea. If you can swim at the beach, you can snorkel at whatever location we cruise to. Tell us how you learn best and we can help you find her secrets!

If you have snorkel gear that works for you, please bring it along! If not, we have a supply of masks & fins and will be sure of "fit" before we head out on your adventure!

When cruising, entering and exiting the boat requires your ability to climb a ladder of a few steps whether boarding the dinghy or dipping into the sea...

Spiny Lobster

Ever caught your own lobster dinner? 

This could be the day! 

We catch our own "bugs" in waters less than 10' deep. Our boat carries a Florida fishing license that includes our guests, so need to buy the out-of-state license if you are with us!

Never caught a "bug"? We are happy to teach you the tricks, and provide the necessary equipment!

Lobstering is available during our charters starting with Mini-season, the last Wednesday/Thursday every July, and again during the annual 8 month long season starting August 6th and ending March 31st every year.

Our guests are licensed to collect through our FWC vessel fishing license, so as long as you are our guest, you're legal!

Please request more lobstering information via our contact page!

Curious about the cruising lifestyle?

Jay and I are happy to share, discuss, educate, and problem solve cruising life joys and pains...

Want to learn practical sailing? Or just get a feel for how this amazing lifestyle can work for you? We got you! We haven't around the world, but we have been around the islands a few times. Just discussing your thoughts and sharing our real-life experiences with you can make all the difference!

We both been mentors in our previous work lives, and love to share our the adventures of our life onboard! 

Please request more information via our contact page!


Currently, our plans include Puerto Rican surfing adventures! Rincón, PR boasts several surf breaks so they are rarely at a loss for waves.

We have an inventory of surfboards for you to choose from, or you may fly in bringing your own personal equipment! Please bring your own water shoes, the surf breaks have rocky approaches.

Don't know how to surf? We have you covered! Jay & Isaac are expert surfers who has taught children and adults to successfully master surfing skills!

Want a real authentic surfer experience? Come camp on the beach between sets, or for the night! Campfires, guitars, and new friends...

Please request surfing information via our contact page!

Puerto Rico

Our plans include several different sailing adventures!

Sail like an explorer to islands off the coast! 

Snorkeling & lobstering... we have gear for you to choose from, or you may bring your own personal equipment! Please bring your own water shoes, the coast is rocky.

Don't know how to snorkel or sail? We have you covered! We are experts, with years of experience. We have taught children and adults to successfully master the required skills!

Please request sailing/snorkeling information via our contact page!

Sailing home to the Florida Keys!!

Wedded Bliss...

Would you like a private or semi-private wedding? Out on the water? Underwater? On the beach... anywhere? Capt. Terry can legally and respectfully perform your nuptials! In Florida, she is a licensed Notary, an Ordained Minister, and licensed Captain fully able to legally sign any you marriage license you obtain! You may write your own vows or choose from our own sentiments... Onboard either of our vessels we are licensed to carry 6 passengers, with both vessels we can accommodate 12 by side tieing the boats in calm waters! Tell us your dreams and we will do our best to make it so!

What our customers are saying...

"Too windy for sailing? Who knew? Capt. Terry was flexible and fun! We could have rescheduled, but we made it work!"


Disbursement of Ashes

The circle of life... For those who are drawn to the sea there is not a more peaceful thought than letting your earthly remains dwell in her for eternity... Florida State law dictates that ashes may only be disbursed 3 nautical miles from shore. We can accommodate 6 passengers for your private ceremony. Capt Terry is an ordained minister, available to assist you, or you may proceed in anyway that you choose. We are here for you in your time of grief.

Learn More

This site is continually under construction!!

I have happily made lots of contacts with new friends and potentially, guests for our cruising vacations. I wanted to offer some content that would give you ideas about we offer, and let you know that we are willing to explore any ideas or dreams you might have for a sailing vacation! We have a FaceBook page "Sail.to.Utopia" and a YouTube channel "Sail to Utopia!" and an Instagram account...you guessed it Sail to Utopia! Join us there for updates! Our second Morgan 41 Out Island (s/v Majestic pictured here, as we found her) is being totally refit, for your cruising comfort! We still have lots to do but a new "up-date" video is in the making!

Check back often... I have more to add!

Capt. Terry 02/19/2020