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Life in Utopia!

Our Blog series!

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December 2021

This has been a WILD year at Sail to Utopia! 

We started by sailing our three boats from Marathon, Florida to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico! Then due to political difficulties, we opted to not pursue continuing our charter business. 

Jay had the opportunity to work in the charter business in St. Thomas, USVI and I stayed in PR with the boats. Between charters, Jay and working to prepare the 2/3 boats to sell. I have been creating recycled "Sail Bag" items-wallets, purses, bags... (check our sail shop on this web site).

We bought a used SUV so we could get around and explore Puerto Rico, COVID has closed down a lot of the things we wanted to experience... But the ocean is always open to us! We have enjoyed sailing and snorkeling, Jay is even learning the finer points of SCUBA! The reefs are plentiful, tropicals abundant, Spiny lobster huge, Queen conch available to harvest!

We have made some great new friends, seen amazing things, and Humpback whales will be migrating through the Mona from now until April.... I can't wait to see them up close!

Isaac is full-time in St. Thomas working the charter fleet.

Jay and I took the opportunity to have an extended Christmas holiday in the Carolina's with our grandchildren.

While shopping Jay grinned and asked, "Do we need RINGS?"

So have after thousands of miles traveled together, the LOVE is still strong!

We have almost all our children and grandchildren assembling at my daughters house in South Carolina for a New Year's Wedding!

Wish us well and please follow us on Social Media!

Happy New Year!

Sail to Utopia Adventures

cover pix

Our SailBag 

store is thriving!

WOW! Our Sailboat store is going crazy! Come on in and check our stock items!  Every item is unique, so if you see something you like...

I didn't realize how time consuming all the computer work is, when it comes to creating and posting to our FaceBook shop, and our webpage! I'm probably doing something wrong but it's all "up-to-date" until we sell, or paint new items! I currently have a half-dozen wallets, and Over the shoulder bags, and one large bag that are sewn... just looking for art!​


Terry & Jay 10/09/2021

The most DANGEROUS Island in the 


Been there, done that.... didn't get to dive!

Last week we headed out, on what we thought was a calm day, to Isla Desecheo in the Mona Pass 12 miles from Rincón due west! For us it was 26 miles, and it was a clam windless day~~to start! We motored our way to the point of the 3,000 foot deep Puerto Rico trench and then the seas started rolling as the wind kicked up! As we got closer to Isla Desecheo the depth rose up to 50 feet near the island, as the sun was going down. Just as the island started blocking the wind we saw the DNR mooring balls for dive boats and day use, and we hooked on! The water was a beautiful teal blue, the current was very strong, and the Sargasso brown algae was everywhere! Please watch the video on our channel!

I hope you have subscribed to our YouTube channel! Here's the link ~

We have lots of videos of our snorkeling, pretty fish, sailing and our life!

A few weeks ago one of our fishing friends hooked up with 4 Marlin at the same time! However it happened, one of the Marlin was foul hooked and mortally injured. So, he released the other 3 and brought 1 back to the dock.

We were gifted a very large portion of the meat for the purpose of making fish jerky! We had Marlin steaks, cooked like Ahi tuna... WOW was it good! And over the next 3 days I marinated and dehydrated the thinly sliced pieces of fish! DELICIOUS!!!

Terry 10/1/2021

Isla Desecheo

September Blog... New Logo!

We have finally found a "Logo" that suites us both! 

We are now adding it to our YouTube channel thumbnails to help with brand recognition!  

We have been traveling to different dive/snorkel sites around the west and south coast of Puerto Rico... each geographic area holds something different! I am surprised every time I jump in! Our latest stop at Margarita Reef was spectacular! The video will be available Sunday 9/19/21 I hope you'll watch! 

Other updates... Majestic is still for sale, if you contact us DIRECTLY the price is $49,999 and as hurricane season winds down I expect she will sell! But because we just want her to be loved by someone who wants to cruise, we listed her with PopYacht Brokers. Their price is $55,600 so they get commission for their efforts!

Isaac, Jake & Kylie have moved to St. Thomas so they can work thru the charter season! We are so excited for them! They found a great apartment and are exploring the Island!

Jay and I are planning an "over-night" to Isla Desecheo... found in the Mona Pass directly west of Rincón. We can't go ashore, apparently there MAY be unexploded ordinance left over from bomb testing days, AND they made it a sanctuary for the lizards and native birds! They also have a population of Rhesus monkeys that were placed there in 1967 for a study on adaption... We can't wait to dive in this "place less traveled"! Subscribe to our YouTube channel (link above) to be notified when the video is ready!

Live Out Loud! Color Your World!

We are re-openning our store! Look for re-cycled, re-purposed functional, beautiful, artistic designs in sailcloth wallets, bags, hats, and beautiful glass beaded jewelry designed to survive the marine environment!

ALSO, we have NEW relationships with some cool companies that augment our sailing, snorkeling, "aquatic" lifestyle! Check them out! We can often offer a discount code to you! Us being in an affiliate relationship adds no extra cost to your purchase, and gives us a small percentage of each companies advertising dollars! Thanks for helping US help companies we love!

Capt Jay tattoo

Turtle tattoo

Capt Jay wallet

Wearable Art Wallet image from life!

Drifters floating shades!

SLYK Shades "Drifters"

Drifters floating shades

Light weight wood shades

SLYK Shades

code TERESA15

Custom art available! Send me a picture you want duplicated on a wallet, bag, shirt and I will do my best to reproduce your ART by hand! If you aren't happy then I will not charge a fee!

SLYK Shades! Our first affiliate relationship! Check there web page for ALL the details about Josh the founder, his plans for the company, and his plans to be charitable around the WORLD!!

(use coupon code TERESA15 for a 15% discount! Need Rx lenses? SLYK has your back there as well! It's all on the website! 

Hand painted recycled sail wearable art

San Juan

Water front houses by the Fort in San Juan

August 20​21

Another month and the more life changes, the more it stays the same! Puerto Rico has a rhythm of it's own. Calm and still early in the day, the tradewinds kick-up midday generally from the east. Late afternoon the rains begin and make this place the verdant land that she is!

Jay is really loving his role as charter captain for the St. Thomas based company. As he travels I find the time to create my "Wearable Art". I am sewing and painting bags and wallets from recycled sails. Each piece is one of a kind, unique for it's style and painting. I have been able to create custom pieces with some success. My store will be open on this site soon. If you are interested in a piece please click on the contact link and we can make a plan. 


This has been a busy... yet slow spring season! 

Since our plans to charter our boats has proven way to political and costly, we have altered our course once again!

Jay has been hired to run catamarans for Virgin Island Yacht Charters, and he loves it! He gets a cabin on a million + yacht, sleeps in a bed every night, the charter people feed him, and if they want, to learn to sail he doesn't even have to run the boat just supervise! I have been sewing and painting to my hearts content!

My parents started their own sailing charter business... back in the day "Wandering Star Cruises" Dad took "3 hour tours" Mom manned the ticket booth! She wasn't raised sailing, like I was blessed to have been, but I don't think she loved it less! We lost Dad just before his 73rd birthday, 20 years ago. We just lost Mom a month before her 91st, just this month. They lessons I learned from them both went beyond sailing, family, and perseverance... I learned about Love, patience, and kindness. I learned to be open to new things, and to keep on trying... no matter how life gets you down!  6/30/21​

 23 March 2021

WOW! Things have changed! Better...worse... who's to say! 

We have been working hard to resume our charter business here in Puerto Rico, however, road block after road block has changed our plans! We are going to work as Captains for charter companies in the USVI and do some yacht deliveries as they come up.

That way we will change our focus and relax at home while we explore Puerto Rico- her waters and countryside!

I grew up in the highly touristy area of Clearwater, Florida and it seems the only time WE got away from work and school was when our northern relatives came to visit! I never really took the time to explore, and become part of the environment...

We have a long list of places to go, see, and experience here in our new home!

Jay is taking off Friday for 10 days with 2 different charters, then we have a delivery scheduled from Cabo Rojo to Annopolis! Should be fun! Since sailing is what we are all about!

I have projects to do while he's gone, and I am going to spend some time being creative making & painting more sail bags! The first 10 or so I made have sold really well, so I am encouraged!

I am going to try to blog about our adventures, and will continue to create YouTube content that I hope you will enjoy! 

Please like, share and subscribe! If you have been a guest in the past and would like to come see us again, please reach out! We love company! Starting in April the Aguadilla airopuerto will resume operations...  we will pick you up!


Fourth Blog Entry

16 February 2021


We arrived at Marina Pescarderia on 6 February 2021 late at night... So many lights on the shoreline, and guidance by iPad Navionics... We were guided to our slip by Capt. Merrick Westlund, as he had arrived prior to us, via tow service (but thats another story)!

We left Marathon, FL mid-day 9 January with 13 crew members in high spirits & all three of our boats pumped out, filled with water & fuel! 

As with any cruising adventure we had good days, and challenging days. We had no wind, too much wind, and wind that was NOT as forecast... directly on our nose!

Our projection of 9-14 days was doubled  by the time we arrived, and our crew was cut by 1/2 with 6 members departing from the Dominican Republic!

We have all tested COVID negative, done loads & loads of laundry, cleaned the boats inside and out, purchased an SUV,  and started the process of becoming Puerto Rican residents!!

Third Blog Entry

November 6, 2020

Back before the world flipped upside-down our plan was to relocate our charter business to the west coast of Puerto Rico... Docking our Morgan's in Cabo Rojo and setting up SURF CAMP in Rincón to the north... and now... 

We have regained our inspiration and momentum!

The world is "opening up!" and we are ready to fly away! 

I studied the Spanish language for many years in school- Thank you Florence Gilbert!! Because each time I have allowed myself to immerse myself in the world where Spanish is the first language I have been able to pull the memories up and have conversations! I can't wait to live in a country where I can become a Spanish speaker!!

We are amping up our advertising aimed at our goals for Puerto Rico! Sailing of course... so many new places to explore, snorkeling... there are reefs just outside the entrance to Puerto Real the harbor at Cabo Rojo where our new location Marina Pescaderia is located! Rincón is a famous surfing location with multiple beaches with different angles so you can a wave somewhere all thru the season! The Atlantic Ocean between the west coast of PR and Isla Desecheo- a National Wildlife Refuge has a trench that is 1999' deep and December-April finds Humpback and other whales migrating through the waters!

Our Second Blog Entry

November 9, 2020

Well with the warning of Eta regaining hurricane strength we scurried around and did all the necessary prep for our boats and vehicles... Helped several neighbors who were in and some out of town! We got showers and then settled down to dinner and to wait for our fate!

I went to bed early as it was still calm, just rain pitter-patter on the hatches... I storms I always sleep in clothes... When you have to react in the dark because things are going south, you don't want to go naked... rain and wind are cold, and you don't want to take too much time looking for an outfit!

Isaac came over to check on us, Jay made sure Majestic, Utopia and the dinghies were secure, last minute check, then Jay came to bed!

On a boat, you learn the "normal" noises and learn to sleep thru them. But when "abby-normal" comes to call, it's a "call to action"! Each shift of the wind blows the halyards a bit differently, it's actually comforting when the noises you hear correspond with the wind app on the phone.

The picture here is out my port light when I woke up this morning...

Hurricane season ends November 30th! Yeah!!!

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Blogging is an art unto itself! We are in Marathon at Sombrero Marina Dockside and our chartering plan is beginning. As we search for Caribbean adventures to share, we considered visits to Havanna, Cuba... but tourism is a tricky thing there. Then we considered taking our adventures to Hope Town & the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas... Hurricane Dorian has changed those plans!

Our latest plan is to move our business to Puerto Rico! We travel there next month and research the possibilities! 

Please check out our YouTube channel-SUBSCRIBE and follow our adventures!