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Sail to Utopia

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 6, 2020

Back before the world flipped upside-down our plan was to relocate our charter business to the west coast of Puerto Rico... Docking our Morgan's in Cabo Rojo and setting up SURF CAMP in Rincón to the north... and now... 

We have regained our inspiration and momentum!

The world is "opening up!" and we are ready to fly away! 

I studied the Spanish language for many years in school- Thank you Florence Gilbert!! Because each time I have allowed myself to immerse myself in the world where Spanish is the first language I have been able to pull the memories up and have conversations! I can't wait to live in a country where I can become a Spanish speaker!!

We are amping up our advertising aimed at our goals for Puerto Rico! Sailing of course... so many new places to explore, snorkeling... there are reefs just outside the entrance to Puerto Real the harbor at Cabo Rojo where our new location Marina Pescaderia is located! Rincón is a famous surfing location with multiple beaches with different angles so you can a wave somewhere all thru the season! The Atlantic Ocean between the west coast of PR and Isla Desecheo- a National Wildlife Refuge has a trench that is 1999' deep and December-April finds Humpback and other whales migrating through the waters!

Our Second Blog Entry

November 9, 2020

Well with the warning of Eta regaining hurricane strength we scurried around and did all the necessary prep for our boats and vehicles... Helped several neighbors who were in and some out of town! We got showers and then settled down to dinner and to wait for our fate!

I went to bed early as it was still calm, just rain pitter-patter on the hatches... I storms I always sleep in clothes... When you have to react in the dark because things are going south, you don't want to go naked... rain and wind are cold, and you don't want to take too much time looking for an outfit!

Isaac came over to check on us, Jay made sure Majestic, Utopia and the dinghies were secure, last minute check, then Jay came to bed!

On a boat, you learn the "normal" noises and learn to sleep thru them. But when "abby-normal" comes to call, it's a "call to action"! Each shift of the wind blows the halyards a bit differently, it's actually comforting when the noises you hear correspond with the wind app on the phone.

The picture here is out my port light when I woke up this morning...

Hurricane season ends November 30th! Yeah!!!

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

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