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June 3, 2020

First blog! 

We are in the final stages of Majestic's restoration!!

I have been recording as much as I can and have a YouTube series up with the details!

Restoring an old is a challenge! Beyond making sure her bilges are dry, and no further damage is done you have to pick and choose the projects and  try to have a "flow" So you don't get too frustrated!

We started by stripping all the "stuff" out of her... Then Jay cleared and cleaned off the top deck. And we started fixing every "leak" we could find. We worked together to make a solid, yet "flexible" cover around the mast boots... both had wide open voids for rain to pour in...

Then, we got a deal on line... so we proceeded to replace the running rigging... We only had one small mizzen sail, and no running engine, but by replacing the halyards we had a safe way to inspect and repair other issues with the masts.

We turned our attention to the v-berth, forward head, galley, and dining area... Everything in front of the engine room-that's an entire story...

With an even greater appreciation of how much it would cost to restore Majestic I started looking for a travel nurse contract...

A year later, we were back at it, and now we are nearly done!

We began our charter business, using Air Bnb to bring customers to our cockpit! I made some "Newbie" mistakes (trying to use two competing companies doesn't work)! And after being away working for almost a full year, we wanted our Christmas with our families. So after some confusion we finally got all the details straight and started booking in January 2020. Except for a week of travel, to set-up our move to Puerto Rico, we booked nearly back-to-back until we were shut down 3/20/20 for the COVID-19 isolation. It was nice at first to have a break... A true lesson on not burning ourselves out!

While Jay and Isaac finish the restoration, I am busy making videos, sewing the used sails, replacing sail hanks, making sail bags and painting pictures!

And today "tweaking" our website!


June 9, 2020

Today started like any other day... We wake with the sun, have coffee, breakfast, feed Jack... Check our social media, chat about our schedules... But today, instead of the list of projects we need to "finish-up" on Majestic Jay announced that he was going to tackle a couple of "honey-do" items here on Utopia! 

He started with a dripping fitting at the base of the Staysail (under that thick teak block above the V-berth pillows). We sailed last Saturday in some 3-5 foot waves and 15 knot winds that originated with Tropical Storm Cristobal. It was quite a bumpy ride, we were taking waves over the bow, (lost poor Jack's potty mat) and the leaks we had sealed started dripping again! So off with the offending leaky bolts! Holes to be filled, AND we are going to remove the staysail rig!

In our boating life I like to say "A project a day..."

Spiny Lobster

Regular Season starts 8/6/20

The Wind is free... Hurricances-Priceless!

July 30, 2020

Today is the final day of lobster "mini-season"! Every year, for a long time, the last Wednesday/Thursday of July are a lobstering holiday we call "mini-season"! It creates an opportunity for sport divers to collect their 6 lobster limit each day before the commercial Lobstermen place their traps... It ALSO creates a nearly week long bump in the local tourist industry. This year we have a potential hurricane bearing down on South Florida & the Keys... Isaias looks like it's being pulled east by more northern steering currents... 

So, we continue to work on our projects! 

Yesterday I finished the sail packs for Majestic's Main & Mizzen! Now to install them with the new lazy-jack system! Just a few more cosmetic touches and she is complete (but is a boat ever really "done"?)

Today Jay is installing a NORCOLD ice box conversion kit in the port side ice box! We have used it as a storage locker for the last two years, until a recent trip with 5 guests for 5 days pushed us to expand our refrigeration space... The box held ice for nearly 10 days with us in & out for food! We make ice with our AdlerBarbour in the main ice box, but never enough space for drinks, veggies, etc.! We did find that the wooden shelf in the ice box "physically" blocked the cold to any foods stored on top of it. We happened to have a piece of PVC board that fit the size we needed! To be extra sure our cold air would permeate above the shelf to salad and veggies, Jay made multiple 1" holes to allow air flow! Brilliant!! Everything is a compromise, as well! We thought the compressor for the cooler would fit under the settee... but no! The next best placement cost me a storage drawer in my work area, but it's well worth the sacrifice!

The secret to a Happy Jack!!

Challenges and mental stimulation! Our Jack's favorite toy are "non-stuffed" animals with ... you guessed it... SQUEAKERS!!!